Gary L Thomas' Antique Car Collection

American Ingenuity

Alumnus Gary Thomas has spent the past 40 years assembling one of the largest-known private collections of Ford automobiles.

James Truchard on his induction in the to the Inventors Hall of Fame 2019

Alumni Notes

Texas Engineering alumni lead industries, launch companies and help develop solutions that improve lives around the world.

Portrait of jackie wasson

Self-Tracking Today Can Keep the Doctor Away

Self-quantification is making major strides in the consumer and commercial health care industries, and alumna Jackie Leverett Wasson has her finger on the pulse of this technological breakthrough.

Alan Stern holds pluto poster above his head in crowd

Reaching for the Stars

Alumnus Alan Stern reflects on leading the history-making mission to Pluto and shares insight into the future of commercial space travel.

Greenbelt Kombucha Can

Breaking the Mold

Two "anti‑establishment" alumni entrepreneurs are reshaping the probiotic beverage market.