Sumit Singh photo

Relentlessly Curious

From humble beginnings to running the nation’s top pet destination, Cockrell School alumnus Sumit Singh has enjoyed an exceptional career marked by perseverance and integrity — two important characteristics of a leader. In early fall, Sumit sat down with us to share his thoughts on leadership, business and what it really means to be a Texas Engineer.

Diana Marculescu portrait

The Right Time. The Right Place.

It has been almost a year since Diana Marculescu — a renowned expert in energy-aware computing and a former faculty member and researcher at Carnegie Mellon University — began her tenure as the chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UT.

Blue Origin New Glenn spacecraft

To the Moon and Back…and Back Again

On October 13, 2020, Blue Origin — the spaceflight company formed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 2000 — celebrated the 13th successful consecutive launch of its New Shepard vehicle, taking another step forward in its mission to lower the cost of access to space through reusable spacecraft and rocket engines that can take people and payloads to space, then to orbit, and finally to the moon and beyond.

Mark Papermaster portrait

Know the Questions—and Help Find the Answers

Growing up, the dinner table talk in Mark Papermaster’s (B.S. ECE 1982) family gravitated toward science – what seems like an unconventional topic of conversation until you find out his father, Dr. Ben Papermaster, was a noted cancer researcher and a nascent leader in the field of immunology.